Central Oregon and Gorge Rx Summit

When: October 14, 2015
Where: Redmond, Oregon
Who: Physicians, Multidisciplinary Primary Care, Occupational Health, Behavioral Health, and Pain Management Providers

Conference Presentations

Central Oregon and Gorge Rx Summit – Dwight Holton
State of the State – Lisa Millet
State of the Region – Elizabeth White
OPG Initatives to Improve Prescribing Practices – Dr. Shames
Changing the Paradigm for Opioid Prescribing – Dr. Swanson
Overcoming Barriers to Expanded Use of Non-Opioid Therapies to Manage Persistent Pain – Dr. Buist
Developing a Public Education Campaign on Prescription Opiates – Samantha Kaan
PDMP – Lisa Millet
Central Oregon PSTF Initiatives – Dr. Swanson
Better Prescribing Practices in Dental Offices – Dr. Allen
The Crook County Experience Reducing the Volume of Pills – Muriel DeLaVergne Brown
Shift Happens – Dr. Shames & Laura Heesacker
PSCS & Gorge CCO Chronic Pain & Opiate Mgmt Initiatives – Dr. Holeman
Prescription Drug Abuse among Oregon Youth – Donna Libemday
Overdose Prevention in the Portland-Metro Area – Kim Toevs
Overcoming Barriers to Expanded Use of Non-Opioid Therapies to Manage Persistent Pain – Mark Altenhofen
Encouraging Pharmacies to Implement Take Back Programs – John Eaton

Ashland Community Naloxone Meeting

What: Meeting to help prevent overdoses, sponsored by Max’s Mission
When: February 22, 2017, 7-9 PM
Where: Bellview Grange, 1050 Tolman Creek Rd, Ashland

  • Get a prescription for Naloxone
  • Be trained on how and when to use Naloxone
  • How to get Naloxone from your local pharmacy

More Info

Moving Through Chronic Pain: A Community Forum

What: A FREE informational Health Fair Event, created as Community Forum to offer support and resources to the 73,000 people in Southern Oregon who live with chronic pain.

When: Thursday May 4th from 5-8pm

Where: MSD Education Center (Central High School) Main Gym, 815 S. Oakdale Ave
Medford, OR 97501

OPG Meeting August 19th 6-8 PM

This meeting will be on addiction, including heroin, naloxone, and buprenorphine. We are providing the relevant articles in advance to give attendees more time to review the material before the meeting. Click on the link for the list.

Moving Through Chronic Pain: Community Forum



Southern Oregon is has a crisis of drug abuse! Our community has one of the highest use of opioid medication in the nation. Tragically, the use of heroin has increased dramatically in the last two years. People continue to die of drug overdoses.

Pain medications can help manage chronic pain, if used safely. But we now know that many alternative/complementary treatments are just as effective, safer, and can help improve your life.

Come to our Community Forum!

  • Famous journalist Sam Quinones talks about his book “Dreamland” – how the US drug companies and the Mexican heroin drug trade has contributed to America’s epidemic of opioid and heroin abuse.
  • Csaba Mera and Dr. Kevin Vowles give talks on the nature of chronic pain, complementary/alternative non-opioid treatments, and how you can live a more meaningful life along side your chronic pain”

Attend the Health Fair

We have booths and raffles prizes. Learn how Sleep, Nutrition, Education, Movement, and Medications are all part of how to manage your pain better and live a better life.

Listen to our speakers, visit with the vendors, and enjoy a delicious dinner.

OPG Meeting February 17th 6-8 PM

Overview of future directions for OPG work

Discussion groups on:

  • Agreement/disagreement with OPG guidelines as currently written?
  • How to achieve adoption of guidelines by local medical community?
  • What are components of a successful community education campaign?

Updates on events and news from the region, state, and nation