Someone you know could overdose? Be a Hero – Save a Life – Get Narcan


  • Do you know someone who uses opioids: prescription painkillers like Oxycontin or street drugs like heroin?
  • These drugs have caused an epidemic of deaths from overdose.
  • An overdose doesn’t have to be fatal, though. The key to saving someone from an overdose is a drug called Narcan.
  • First responders carry Narcan. You can have it too.
  • Narcan is an emergency medication that is legal, safe, and effective.
  • When a person has overdosed, giving them Narcan restores their breathing.
  • An overdose is a crisis. But if you’re prepared, you can save a life.
  • Which is sort of like being a real life hero.
Worried that someone in your life might overdose? Join us at the Medford Library, Tuesday, Dec. 13.

  • Get a prescription for Narcan, the medication that reverses an overdose from opioids.
  • Find out when and how to use Narcan to save someone who’s overdosing.
  • Learn how to get Narcan from a pharmacy.

We’ll have some free doses on hand for those in need. All are welcome!