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KOBI TV-5 Videos

Videos produced by Stay Safe Oregon in collaboration with KOBI TV-5.

You Have the Power - Mom

You don’t have to be a medical professional to save a life. (30 seconds)

Benefits of Sleep

Sleep is a powerful tool when battling chronic pain. (30 seconds)


How movement can help ease chronic pain. (30 seconds)

Focused Breathing

A simple yet effective way to reduce stress and pain. (30 seconds)

Michelle's Story

Michelle’s journey of living with chronic pain, tapering off high-dose opioids, and managing life and pain without medication. (30 seconds)

Pill Party

Easily accessible prescription drugs lead to a pill party. (30 seconds)

The Montez Family

A family deals with their son’s recreational prescription drug habit.
(30 seconds)

You Have the Power - Store Naloxone

Next time you visit the pharmacy, pick up Naloxone to add to your safe medication box. (30 seconds)

Animations about Chronic Pain and Opioids

Chronic Pain - Tame the Beast

Professor Lorimer Moseley explains what chronic pain is and how you can retrain your pain system and tame the beast. (5 minutes)

Chronic Pain Explained in 2.5 minutes

The team from Hunter Integrated Pain Service, University of South Australia, University of Washington and Hunter Medicare Local have released a follow-up shorter video after their popular “Pain Explained in 5 Minutes” video. (2 minutes, 30 seconds)

Brainman Stops his Opioids

Brainman makes choices as he transitions toward an active evidence based approach. The team from Hunter Integrated Pain Service, University of South Australia, University of Washington and Hunter Medicare Local. (2 minutes)

Understanding Pain: What to do about it in less than five minutes

Animation by Hunter Integrated Pain Service. (5 minutes)

Best Advice for People Taking Opioid Medication

Animation by Dr. Mike Evans (11 minutes)

CDC Videos

CDC produced videos to help improve communication between prescribers and patients about prescription opioids.

Even When Prescribed by a Doctor

Informational video that raises awareness about prescription opioids among the general public. Some people might think prescription opioids are safer than alcohol or illegal drugs, but the truth is they carry serious risks and side effects. Talk with your doctor about your concerns and make informed decisions about pain management together. (1 minute, 31 seconds)

When Benefits Outweigh the Risks

Public safety announcement for healthcare providers that features two patients beginning opioid therapy. Prescription opioids can be prescribed by doctors to treat moderate to severe pain, but can also have serious risks and side effects. (60 seconds)

Other Helpful Videos

Why Things Hurt

An excellent TED talk by Lorimer Moseley explaining how the brain interprets pain using his personal experience of being bitten by the deadly Eastern Brown snake. (14 minutes)

Naloxone - How it saves lives

An excellent video by the New York City Department of Health. Learn how to recognize the symptoms of an overdose. A community health worker demonstrates how to use naloxone (Narcan®). Also, hear from people whose lives were saved. (9 minutes, 37 seconds)

WA State Overdose Prevention and Naloxone Response Video

Reenactment of an overdose within a family. (8 minutes, 48 seconds)

Change the Conversation About Opioid Addiction

Kelly Clark MD, Patrick Kennedy, and leaders in the opioid addiction field ask us to change our attitudes about addiction and blame. (3 minutes, 31 seconds)

Naloxone (Narcan) Training Videos

No matter what your career, you can learn to use naloxone (Narcan®) to save lives from drug overdose. These training videos produced by the Red Project in Grand Rapids, MI and other health agencies show you how.

How to Use Nasal Naloxone

Video by the Oregon Health Authority about using nasal naloxone to reverse opiate overdose. (8 minutes 2 seconds)

Training for the Community

Any community member can save a life with naloxone. (16 minutes, 24 seconds)

Training in Health Centers

Health centers can save a life with naloxone. (16 minutes, 18 seconds)

Training for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers can use naloxone to save lives. (18 minutes, 42 seconds)

Training for Recovery Programs

Recovery programs can use naloxone in their therapy. (19 minutes, 37 seconds)