Real people. Real stories. Listen to people who got in trouble with pain killers tell you what happened and how they took their lives back.

Michelle's Story

Watch Michelle’s journey of living with chronic pain, tapering off of high dose opioids, and how she manages her life and pain without medication.

(4 minutes 30 seconds)

Randi's Story

Watch as Randi tells her real life story of going from a minor back injury to the depths of addiction and back again.

(8 minutes, 18 seconds)

Pill Party

Easily accessible prescription drugs lead to a pill party.

(30 seconds)

Montez Family Drugs

“We were so naive about the whole drug thing.” A family deals with their son’s recreational prescription drug habit.

(30 seconds)

Junk - Opiate Addiction in Jackson County

“Junk” is a short documentary about Kyle Simpson, an Oregon college student who became addicted to opioids and his path to sobriety.

(27 minutes 17 seconds)